Saturday, 17 August 2013

Welcome to my blog ♡♡

After seeing all these amazing nail blogs, I finally decided to start my own. Now, I don't really have a good experience with blogging. I had already written this welcome post on the blogger app on my phone but when I decided to publish it this morning, IT HAD DISAPPEARED ! I used to blog earlier too about random stuff but I never really took it seriously and eventually got bored of it and even kind of started to hate blogging. I usually (actually only) post my nails on Instagram but I can't really write much over there about them so I thought, why not start blogging again? 

Another major reason I'm doing this is because I've always wanted to receive items for reviewing and apparently instagram doesn't count and you've got to have a blog or a youtube channel. Now I barely post anything on my youtube channel because 1) I'm too lazy to record and edit videos 2) I can't do reviews there because I hate my voice and don't talk in my videos and I don't see the point in doing a written review on youtube.

So I'm not going to make this post really long because I've already lost my original post which had so much more stuff in it and I can't remember everything anyways ;p. 
This will mainly be a nails only blog. I'll post nail art, swatches, reviews, tutorials, etc. and I'll try to post as frequently as possible.
And I wil LOVE LOVE LOVE you forever if you could follow me ♡ I've noticed its really hard to get followers on blogger but it would be great if I could even get a few :) Thanks to my mom and my amazing ig friend Jenna, I already have 2 even before my first post xD



  1. Welcome to the world of blogging my friend. ;) This should be interesting xD I love blogging because you can post so many photos than in IG! XD

    1. Hehe thanks Jenna! Haha yes now I'll be able to post a lot of pictures without "spamming" my followers' feed lol