Saturday, 24 August 2013

Working with a spoilt striper - Beach Nails inspired by TheNailTrail

I don't usually use stripers for my designs unless they are really easy and can be done without thin brushes. And because I don't use them a lot, my only 2 stripers are spoilt. They have become really thick and gloopy and I can't even thin them out :/ I didn't realized that until I tried doing this gorgeous beach design by The Nail Trail

Beach Nails by The Nail Trail
My version:
My Version

I told you my striper was spoilt. I mean look at those birds! They look obese! 

Beach Nails

The only thing I liked about this mani was the gradient in the background so I made a tutorial for it :)

1) Start with a base coat
2) Apply a thin coat of white polish and wait for it to completely dry
3) Paint on purple, red and orange stripes on a sponge and slightly blend them
4) Sponge it on your nails 2-3 times
5) Apply a topcoat to smooth it out
6) Clean up around your nail

Some tips to get a perfect gradient:
  • Use acrylic paints whenever possible because they blend easily
  • If you are using polishes, then wet your sponge before applying the polishes. The water will help them blend.
  • Don't press on the dry sponge too many times. Re-apply the colors alternatively.

How do you think it turned out? I think it was pretty good for a spoilt striper :P 
And don't forget to check out Hannah's (TheNailTrail) blog and instagram