Saturday, 16 November 2013

Missed Event Nails Part 3 - Diwali

Can I ever post my event nails on time? Haha never! This Misssed Event Nails thing is going to go on for really long xD
This post I'll be showing you the nails I did for Diwali. For those of you who don't know, Diwali is a Hindu festival we celebrate here in India. It's like the Indian Christmas haha

I did a lattice print inspired by my outfit. (Sorry, don't have a picture)
Aaannd I used my first Dior polish!! This one is Nuit 1947 shade 970 (as if the picture wasn't enough)
I got a total of 4 dior polishes and this one was my favourite. It's such a pretty maroon, perfect for fall. Application was smooth, and it was opaque in 1-2 coats! But I think it did stain my nails a bit :/ 

I used OPI Alpine Snow for the dots.

I got a lot of compliments on this design and to be honest, I really like it too. It does look a bit complicated but its is actually super easy. I just used 2 types of dotting tools for this. Thats it! If anyone wants a tutorial, leave a comment below and I'll try to make one asap :)


Friday, 8 November 2013

Missed Event Nails Part 2 - Halloween

Alright this post was supposed to come "very soon" after the BCA ones but I procrastinated again. So sorry about that. I don't think anyone will be interested in halloween nails anymore (for this year at least) but I guess I'll just share what I did for Halloween. 
These too were a collaboration with Yasmin (@Yazzied on IG).

I did a mummy on the index, Frankenstein on the middle, a witch on the ring, spider webs on the pinky and a pumpkin on the thumb.

Look at me trying to get my thumb in the picture lol. I find this the hardest pose to do! Whenever I bring my thumb in, my fingers go in all directions. This picture was taken after a lot of practice xD

A separate picture of my thumb :)

Yasmin's version

When I posted this on Instagram, I got a lot of comments saying I copied this from CutePolish. So apparently, whichever design she does a tutorial on, she automatically gains copyright over that. It's so frustrating because I hadn't even seen her video! Oh wait, so how did I get to know about this? :O BECAUSE THIS DESIGN HAS BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS. Surprise!! :D

I don't hate her or whatever because I think she is talented. But her 10 year old fan base is what makes me angry. I mean all because she made a tutorial on a design doesn't mean she came up with it. And even if she did, people don't have to go around yelling at others about how they copied cutepolish. I guess the whole point of her making videos is to inspire/teach people and they won't be of any use if no one follows them. Even though I don't watch her videos anymore, I started nail art because I was inspired by her. So I think if someone does a design similar to cutepolish's design, it's alright and her fans don't have to be so mad.

Okay rant over haha.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Missed Event Nails Part 1- Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey guys! How are all of you doing? I had been really busy with my exams and so I haven't blogged since more than a month!! They did get over quite some time back but I just didn't feel inspired for a new post. But I'm back now!! I did do a few manis and even won a contest (!!). This post I'll be sharing the nails I did for Breast Cancer Awareness as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is part 1 of my "Missed Events Nails". I will do a part 2 for my halloween nails. Both of these were a collab with my very sweet Instagram friend Yasmin (@Yazzied). You all should definitely check her out!

For Breast Cancer Awareness, I did the BCA pink ribbon as an accent nail and painted red roses on the rest.

The bottle I'm holding here is Justricarda's Glossy Glam Topcoat which is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! 

I couldn't get a lot of good pictures of this mani but here are the few decent-ish ones I clicked.

The base for this mani was Revlon Popular/Starry Pink over OPI Pink Friday

This is OPI Pink Friday by iteself because I loved the colour too much!

Yasmin's Version- 

I was planning on entering mine in a few contests but my phone got locked and I couldn't :/

Anyways, my halloween post will be up soon and I might make a separate post with all the other manis I did during these 2 months :)