Friday, 8 November 2013

Missed Event Nails Part 2 - Halloween

Alright this post was supposed to come "very soon" after the BCA ones but I procrastinated again. So sorry about that. I don't think anyone will be interested in halloween nails anymore (for this year at least) but I guess I'll just share what I did for Halloween. 
These too were a collaboration with Yasmin (@Yazzied on IG).

I did a mummy on the index, Frankenstein on the middle, a witch on the ring, spider webs on the pinky and a pumpkin on the thumb.

Look at me trying to get my thumb in the picture lol. I find this the hardest pose to do! Whenever I bring my thumb in, my fingers go in all directions. This picture was taken after a lot of practice xD

A separate picture of my thumb :)

Yasmin's version

When I posted this on Instagram, I got a lot of comments saying I copied this from CutePolish. So apparently, whichever design she does a tutorial on, she automatically gains copyright over that. It's so frustrating because I hadn't even seen her video! Oh wait, so how did I get to know about this? :O BECAUSE THIS DESIGN HAS BEEN AROUND FOR YEARS. Surprise!! :D

I don't hate her or whatever because I think she is talented. But her 10 year old fan base is what makes me angry. I mean all because she made a tutorial on a design doesn't mean she came up with it. And even if she did, people don't have to go around yelling at others about how they copied cutepolish. I guess the whole point of her making videos is to inspire/teach people and they won't be of any use if no one follows them. Even though I don't watch her videos anymore, I started nail art because I was inspired by her. So I think if someone does a design similar to cutepolish's design, it's alright and her fans don't have to be so mad.

Okay rant over haha.


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